Interactive Ballerina card | Tic Tac Toe Challenge #47

Hello crafty friends,

Today is the first time I've tried out this type of interactive card using Uchi's Design by Motion Crafts products.  This ballerina set is just adorable - love the look of the spinning ballerina effect when the slider tab is moved back and forth.  I had a different project in mind for this week's challenge and as luck had it I received an order in time to make this one instead.

This week's board for the challenge is one I put together and as you will probably be able to tell I went with the top row for my inspiration: spring - interactive - bright colors.  I placed my choices so that it wouldn't be too difficult for folks to avoid the interactive element or the digital in order to play along.  That said - this is all about inspiring YOU to create and providing a creative challenge to show off your creations.  I hope to see lots of entries and be inspired by you!

As for my card I will say there are easy and complicated ways to work with these interactive style stamps and I went for the easier version this time.  Here is a view of the card with the ballerina pushed partly in.  As you push the cardstock in and out of the slider element you see the cool spinning action of the ballerina.  The grid on the front window of the card has stripes that are part of the magic leading to the effect.

This is how the card looks when the ballerina slider is pushed all the way in.  The green half circle attached to the right makes it easier to grab and move the panel in and out.  It is difficult to photograph the card clearly once the slider is all the way in, however in real life it is easier to see.

I tried to upload a brief video to show the movement and could not get it to work.  You can click on my Instagram post below to see the short video I posted.

Thanks for stopping by!

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