Top 10 card projects for 2017

Hello crafty friends,

As the year winds down it is great for reflection on the projects throughout the year.  If you have only recently started following my blog, you might have missed out on some of my most popular posts of the year.  If you'd like to go back and see these again, I'm posting the link to the post by each photo.

So let's get started:

1. Mother's Day Card

7.  Scenic Noel card

8.  Gooey Halloween Cauldron Card

9.  Snarky Christmas Globe Card

P.S. I am going to give away a $15 gift certificate to a lucky commenter to So Suzy Stamps - they have a fun collection of stamps for all occasions!  Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite of these 10 cards are below.  Comments must be posted by 12-31-2017 and the winner will be randomly drawn and the winner will be posted around January 2nd on my blog.

Good luck and thanks for visiting!!



  1. I like them all but I think my favorite is the northern lights in the last Christmas card.

  2. They are all great but agree with the
    Person above the Northern Lights is my favorite! It is on my bucket list to go see them in person and I feel you really captured them!

  3. What lovely unique cards. I agree they are all beautiful but my favorite is the Regal lavender anniversary card. Thanks for sharing your "year in review".

  4. I like them all, but love the ocean watercolor gatefold card!

  5. What a great year! They are all beautiful. You have a very good eye for detail. Love them!
    Vicky Briggs

  6. That was fun doing a year in review! I love, love, love your ocean gatefold card. It's gorgeous!! Thanks for a chance to win a gift!! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. How fun to do a review. Love them all. Your designs are fantastic. My favorite is the Aurora Borealis inspired holiday card!


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