Mixed Media Card with So Suzy Stamps

Hello crafty friends,

I don't usually do mixed media so it was a nice change to do something different from my typical projects.  We have two days until the new release at So Suzy Stamps so until I can reveal the latest and greatest I wanted to use some older favorites and create a whole new look that isn't all that hard to duplicate.

As my crafty friend Josefine Fourage advised with mixed media, as long as you are having fun there is no wrong way to do this technique.  If you don't like what you are seeing, just keep adding on additional layers, texture and color.  Usually you'll end up at a point where you like what you're seeing.

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Starting with a piece of plain white tissue paper (the type you wrap gifts in) I stamped the butterfly stamp, beech line leaf and ranunculus flower multiple times in a small area (about 12" x 12") with black archival ink.  In the end the only stamp you end up really seeing is the butterfly unless you look really close.  I tore the tissue paper into small sections intending to layer on a few pieces, concentrating to make sure at least one butterfly would be in a good focal point position.

Using a 4.25" x 5.5" piece of watercolor paper as a base I added on a few layers of the stamped white tissue paper.  I used Ranger glue n seal to glue the first layers of white stamped tissue paper, then adding glue n seal across the top of the tissue.  Once dry I spritzed with 3 spray inks (blue, turquoise and purple) to add the first layer of color.

I added another stamped butterfly on white tissue paper that I had cut out while leaving a .25 of an edge.  I used glue n seal on the back of it before pressing down on top while allowing it to have a crinkled effect.  Already I was loving the texture it created.

I added some Emerald Creek fractured ice embossing powder over the butterfly by first brushing some embossing ink with a special marker (in supplies below).   This is a thicker embossing powder with some flecks of blue and dark gray in the mix and has a blue tint to it.  Below is a picture of that section at an angle to show the effect once it's melted.  Against this background it did not stand out on  its own since it's very translucent after it's melted.  I also covered a small strip of vellum in its entirety with the same embossing powder and placed it as an accent at the right hand side after finishing the rest of the colored panel.  You can better see how the melted powder looks on that strip.

I wanted some additional areas with more texture and added some snowtex (it has a gritty texture) in some random places.  After it had dried, I spritzed the paste with the same spray inks in contrasting colors to the section it was on.  So if I had spritzed turquoise, I sprayed the paste purple and vice versa.  You can best see this effect by looking towards the top right corner.

I flicked on a little bit of white here an there onto the front of the card and added overall shimmer by spraying a gold shimmer mist all over the panel.

I glued down the vellum embossed strip on the left with multi matte medium and the black strip with Tombow multi liquid glue and placed some acrylic blocks on top to weigh it down until the glue held.
To add the sentiment I stamped in Versamark on a piece of black cardstock, taking care to treat it first with an anti-static tool before adding white embossing powder.

The final touch for the top panel was a piece of multicolored yarn with some similar and contrasting colors that I wrapped around the panel and tied into a simple bow in the front.

To complete the card I layered it onto white cardstock with a thin frame using strong double sided adhesive (I used scor-tape) since the color panel ended up a little warped after everything that I'd done to it.  I then used the Tombow liquid glue to layer it onto the black card base.  So I ended up with a non-standard sized card, which is something I do on occasion.   Goes with the whole carefree and winging it approach lol.  The one thing I was not "winging" is my choice of adhesives on this project - this is definitely the type of thing where the mediums were one of the most important elements even though they don't add to the look of the card, without them it would have been a hot mess.

If you've stuck with me this long, I want to thank you for reading and hopefully you've found this interesting and potentially something you may want to try yourself.



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