Video Prep for easier editing - new classes to come in 2020!!

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Ever wondered how to create your own crafting instructional videos?  Looking for tips on making the video editing process easier?  This is what this special post is about.  This is a bit of a departure from my usual crafty post and wanted to share something I had the opportunity to do at AFCI's Creativation 2020 show in Phoenix AZ.  I served on the board for the Digital Content Creator section this past year and we put on three show floor video related sessions.  This is mine.  Below is the presentation slide deck that was shown during my presentation and below that is the recording of the session.  When you get to slide 20 referencing the video you won't see it in the slide, but you will see it when you watch the video.

I premiered this video yesterday and promised to follow up with a blog post so that I could share this material as well as the "card" I handed out at the show.  I've put an image of that card in this post so you can pin it or save it to remember these tips.

this is the "card" with snippets to remind you of these tips.  If I can't hand it to you personally I thought at least I could post it here for reference.


I'm just beginning the planning phase to offer a class.  It may take the form of pre-recorded videos and some live videos.  I just opened a Facebook group, which you should join to stay up to date on this as it develops.  I want to make this special for the folks in the crafting industry who want to learn this important skill.  At the Creativation show, video was one, if not THE most common topic brought up in classes relating to social media, even for Instagram and Pinterest.  Here's one of the really cool whiteboards  drawn by onsite artists during a session called "Video is the future"

If there ever was a time to focus on video, it's now.  Please JOIN my Facebook group so you don't miss out on my free classes.

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